How can I help you get More leads and sales?

So, your business is moving along, and you want more subscriptions to your email list.  More phone calls and contact emails would be nice too.  But at the end of the day you really want great leads to become an even better customer.

You can drive traffic to your website with SEO, Pay-per-click, and social media all day long. — but they may be leaving without a further thought about you or your product.

SEO is getting more complex and difficult to rank.
PPC can be expensive.
Social is becoming more crowded.

Its difficult to keep your audience engaged.

It can be a lot to understand and keep track of. I totally get it.

I’m here to support you.

Why am I here for you?

BECAUSE you want to be even more successful. But you are not sure how to improve your digital marketing.
BECAUSE you should be spending your time on what you know best about your business, yet spending too much time on this online stuff.
BECAUSE people may not be giving your vision and value a fair chance. But if they had the right message in front of them they may be willing to learn more.
BECAUSE maybe you have a feeling that you are letting some great leads slip through the cracks, and you really want to deliver for them.

Can you picture it?
What if you had the time to develop more products.
What if you were able to spend more time engaging with your customers?
What if more of your business was running on autopilot?
What if you were capturing leads while you sleep or taking some well needed vacation?

Connect Mobile Marketing Group works with you to develop and implement an Internet marketing plan so that you can:

Understand WHO your customers are.
Understand WHAT your customers are looking for.
Understand WHY they are looking for your services.
Be there WHEN they need that service or product.
Have a clear call to action about HOW they will contact you.
Attract More Customers that YOU want!

Let me help you to ALWAYS BE ENGAGING.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Founder of Connect Mobile Marketing Group


Ready to kick your digital marketing into high gear, and get more of those leads and sales that you deserve?

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About Todd Schafer


I’ve been cruising cyberspace since saving up for my first 300 baud modem, long before Google and Smartphones.

When I am not helping businesses with their digital marketing, I am often found with my family soaking up sun and fun on Lake St. Clair. (Weather permitting)